Website performance optimization

We specialize in time optimization of Wordpress web pages. We ensure long-term quality and stable operation!

Website performance optimization

Content should be displayed as quickly as possible to website visitors, as they otherwise leave the site. As many as 33% of visitors leave the site if they have to wait longer than 3 seconds for it to appear!

The purpose of time optimization is to accelerate the loading time of the website and to ensure a stable operation regardless of the number of visitors. It includes reviewing and testing the current status, presenting patches with an impact assessment to improve performance, and further instructions for working with the site.

Faster loading

Improve the load time of the website and its overall performance.

Better conversions

The conversion rate is directly related to the speed of the website.

Higher ranking

Google takes loading speed into account for ranking websites.

Stable performance

The website should also be accessible in the face of sudden increased site visits.

D/WEB Digital agency


We have experience optimizing websites with over 10,000 daily visitors

A holistic approach

Analysis of key points that affect the speed of the entire site

Advanced Technology

Due to the amount of experience and regular education we use the latest technologies with the best results


We test the site with performance analysis tools to test the site and server. If we have access to the user interface, we check the status of individual plugins and other system settings. After a detailed analysis of the situation, we present solutions that will affect the speed of the page and their impact on the entire system.

Website performance is constantly tested and customized to optimize site performance.

At work we perform optimization analyzes and so on. testing stress, where we simulate larger volumes of concurrent visitors.

  • Image optimization
  • File minimization
  • Cache arrangement
  • Asynchronous file upload
  • Rearrange upload locations
  • G-ZIP compression
  • Removing redundant plugins
  • System Update
  • Edit server settings
  • Update PHP version
  • Update MySQL version

Free website analysis

You will receive answers on the level of website optimization, the reasons why it is slow to load, and easy tips to improve your site's performance!

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