Professional Website Maintenance

Maintaining websites without knowledge can be a dangerous task. It can quickly break!

Just a click separates you from the plugin update. But what to do when an update fails and the page no longer works? How to find and fix error?

Leave your site to the experts! Let us take care of the quality of the operation and protection of your site.


Maintenance covers

  • Backup
  • Security updates and upgrades
  • System and plugin updates
  • Fast response time
  • edit the content and layout of the page
  • consulting

Advantages of professional website maintenance

  • Regular security upgrades

Avoid hacking, losing or stealing data, or even losing your entire page. Regular updates to your server, web CMS system and plugins can help prevent this!

  • Restore pages to active state

Has your site suddenly stopped working? We can immediately restore the site to its previous working state by restoring the backup created and stored on a separate server.

  • Fast and quality website performance

Routine maintenance of the website involves the removal of redundant data stored in the site’s databases. Your site will work like new!

  • Fast reach within 24 hours

We will always be at your service with an answer and assistance within 24 hours. In case of a non-functioning site we are immediately available to you! We will put the site back as soon as possible.

  • Consultation options

We are available for tips, questions, and ideas on how to upgrade your site. We’ll advise you on appropriate additional functionality, improving your site’s ranking, improving download time, and much more.

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