E-Commerce development

Our online stores reach over 10,000 daily visitors from more than 30 different countries around the world. We keep up with the latest trends and methods to increase sales and take into account research in customer experience and customer psychology.

Online shops

We create online stores with various functionalities. We are focused on fast acting and delivering to visitors and increasing sales using advanced methods.

Based on our experience, we make you the optimum online store to sell your products or services.

When we build an online store, it is 100% ready for first time buyers!


Multilingual web pages allow you to edit the contents of all pages within a single interface.

Sale orientated

Site design that encourages visitors to complete their purchase

Possibility of upgrades

All websites or stores can be upgraded or customized later

Performance optimization

The speed of an online store is crucial to its success

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Functionalities of online stores

  • Responsive design

The layout and layout of the elements on the page is tailored to visitors based on the device they are visiting. The store may look completely different on a mobile screen than a computer.

  • Advanced functionality

Online stores can have a wide range of functionality. However, it is always possible to upgrade the site with new functionality. Some of the popular functionalities are listed TU.

  • Integrations with external systems

Online stores can be linked to external payment methods to enable card payment, PayPal, Monet or other payment methods. The store can also be linked to delivery services and tax offices such as Metakocka, Beehive, MinMax, etc.

  • Page load time optimized

Online stores need to operate quickly and consistently. We optimize each online store to minimize its impact on download time. Thus, the speed of commerce depends on the server.

Just some of the options

High page traffic

We create online stores that have over 10,000 daily visitors and over 1,000 orders

Advanced functionality

We develop functionalities that improve page conversions and save time for subscribers

User experience

We provide the most transparent online store to direct visitors to shopping

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