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Landing Page System

A flexible system designed to generate landing pages for product sales. Built-in purchase promoters, advanced Up-sell techniques, and quick completion of your purchase, it provides the optimum conversion rate and high average purchase value!

Combine all landing pages into one interface

Easy product entry, individual landing page customization, A / B testing capability and more!

Create a new landing page in 5 minutes.

100% Customizable
The whole system can be completely adapted to your wishes and needs, both visually and functionally. You can edit any subsequent adjustments for each product yourself.
Sales oriented
It has all the functionalities that allow you to maximize your conversion rate and your average purchase value. The display of functionality can be determined by product.
Page Speed optimized
It has advanced settings that allow for extremely fast loading, including automatic image optimization without loss of quality. It was rated 99/100 on the Google PageSpeed ​​test.

Tested system in regular use

The system has been in active use for more than 1 year. From site to date, all pages are 100% functional!
Tests and experience have shown that the system can easily handle over 100,000 daily visitors, 10,000 daily orders and more than 2,000 concurrent visitors.


Determine the price of the product based on the amount that the visitor buys.

Allow additional purchase of a warranty for an individual product in the cart

Select the number of products by clicking on the box

Choice of variations according to the quantity of products. Options are displayed as images

The site is specifically tailored for a better user experience on mobile devices

Offer additional discounts to customers in your cart and raise your average purchase value

Countdown to campaign expiration. If the page refreshes, the countdown continues where it left off.

Display address locations and fill in the remaining fields automatically.

Delivery date and number of days until receipt of the package are displayed.

Gaining confidence in the credibility of an online store.

You can insert pictures, videos from YouTube or Vimeo, and GIFs

Before placing an order, provide an additional warranty for the delivery of the package

Completely customizable


The system is easily integrateable with external systems such as Metakocka, MinMax, Čebelica, GLS and many more.

Payment methods

Unlimited choice of payment methods such as Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit Cards (Braintree or Skrill) and Klarna.

Unlimited products

The number of products is unlimited. All product pages can be individually customized, add or hide purchase promoters, edit icons, ...

All you need...

Enter content

For each product or. the landing page of the product is a prepared form where the text / content of the product is entered.

Includes information such as product name, description, benefits, technical specifications (including links), trust icons, reviews, and all other visible content.

You can add videos, GIF animations and SVG files.

Adjustable layout

Set colors or images for backgrounds, title bars, feet, text, and other elements.

Each page of the product can be individually determined by the display of purchase promoters, related products, the price of the product warranty, the time of the campaign, quantity discounts, …

Each product has its own landing page.

Start advertising

The website is designed for fast operation and loading and has fully customized functionality without the use of plug-ins.

The results of the site performance analysis gave a score of 99/100. The online store has a huge amount of visitors without affecting its loading speed.

When you have the landing page ready, all you need to do is attract visitors!


Ready for more than 12 different markets

Re-advertise across different channels

Use of tested sales methods

We offer you

24/7 support

per Month
per Year
We guarantee quck response in case of any major technical problems


per Month
per Year
We offer you proper hosting and control over the operation of the entire system
Content entry


per Month
per Year
We offer the preparation and entry of content products into the system regardless of language


per Month
per Year
We take care of maintenance and long-term optimal operation


per Month
per Year
We keep you informed of new possible upgrades, improvements and general tips.
Performance monitoring


per Month
per Year
We offer you interval testing of the entire system


per Month
per Year
We adapt the system to your wishes and needs according to the purpose of use


per Month
per Year
We provide you free consultations and suggestions on system adjustments

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